Hippotherapy and Therapy dog


This is one of the methods of rehabilitation in which a properly trained DOG helps a therapist in multiphase improvement of children and adults, and helps older people to maintain or even make contact with the outside world. Dog therapy is still gaining in popularity. The dog merda tail at our sight, allows you to stroke, hands on. Just is. Faithful and devoted. Often close contact with the dog proves to be the best therapy.

Forms of conducted therapy:

- Active dog meetings - dog training that aims to create a positive contact between the participants and the dog, gaining motivational and educational benefits. During spontaneous, joyful fun.

- dog training - this is a set of exercises aimed at a specific goal. It is characterized by an individual approach to each patient

-a lesson with dog training aimed at improving the intellectual and cognitive sphere, which requires proper preparation and the knowledge and skills of the trainers.

Doing exercises helps to: stimulate the senses: hearing, sight, touch, exercise concentration, trigger spontaneous activity, improve mobility, show feelings, develop self-reliance, communicate with the environment, enrich the vocabulary. We conduct classes with Syberian Husky sled dogs.


Hippotherapy is a targeted therapeutic action designed to improve the functioning of a person in the physical, emotional, cognitive and / or social spheres during which a specially prepared horse is an integral part of the therapeutic process.
It is carried out by a qualified hip therapist according to the recommendations of your doctor who directs you to hippotherapy and in collaboration with other specialists who carry out the patient.

Impact of hippotherapy:

1. Physical sphere - raising overall fitness, normalizing muscle tone; Paving the correct gait pattern; Improved coordination of motor skills, mainly balance and rhythm; Improved orientation in the space and pattern of one's own body; Stimulation and normalization of deep and surface sensation.
2. Emotional-motivational zone - increased motivation and acceptance of the therapeutic process; Increased self-esteem; Reduce emotional disorders.
3. Cognitive Zone - stimulation of sensory perception; Improvement of visual and auditory perception; Stimulation of attention, memory, thinking, speech; Acquiring and developing new skills.
4. Social zone - psychosocial activation; Developing positive social relationships.

We conduct hippotherapy on Hucul horses, specially prepared for hippotherapy. Hippotherapy can be beneficial in all areas of human functioning: physical, motivational, emotional, cognitive and social. Any person with a disability, suffering from any disease or disorder, can benefit from his or her specific benefits from a therapeutic activity.


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