On Tuesday, March 21, at 16.30 at the Trainers' Stadium in Stróż, the coaches of Robert Swieta from the year 2006 played a friendly match against Glinik Gorlice. Their attitude can be as optimistic as both themselves and the coach. The boys played a good meeting, they tried to implement the pre-match, they were engaged from start to finish.


The meeting was full of beautiful actions both on one side and on the other hand, which confirms the high level of play represented by the young players. The players of both teams are the big applause.
"I am very happy that we have such a great facility in our Academy, so we have very good comfort even when it comes to sparring partners, the teams themselves ask about the possibility of parlaying with our youth groups and consequently without leaving our sports base we have the opportunity to play very valuable Sparring. Today our opponent was Glinik Gorlice very solid and teamed up. Our boys had to rise to the top of their ability to compete with this opponent as equals. Personally, I am very pleased with such a demanding rival, playing in such sparring allows our children to take another step forward, raise their skills to a higher level. I think it was a very valuable sparring and I think we will meet once more on the turf with Gorlice. So summed up the meeting of the trainer of the Academy of Railway Robert Swiets. ''
Fot.Krzysztof Gryzło

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