• Hippotherapy and Dogotherapy Center
  • Hippotherapy and Dogotherapy Center
  • Hippotherapy and Dogotherapy Center

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WARNING! From May to change prices.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and telephone records or personally at the Hippotherapy Center!

For horse riding classes we have a day or two in advance.

Hiptherapy 30zł => 30 minutes
Dog therapy 30zł => 30 minutes
Riding a lung 30zł 25 zł => 30 minutes
Riding 40 PLN 35 zł => 60 minutes
Individual ride 45 zł => 60 minutes
Riding in the field 45 zł 35 zł => 60 minutes
Bryczka / Sleigh 60 zł => 60 minutes
The ticket j. 350 PLN 300 PLN => 10 rides x 60 min
Lnet ticket 200zł => 10 rides x 30minutes
Touring 15 zł 10 zł => 10 min
Riding school 140zł => 1 month
Circle 3 PLN

Children up to 8 years of age are welcome to wheelchairs and guided walks, while older people and adults are advised to learn riding on lunge.

Entries under number: 18 535 17 68

* By the time you drive, you will need to add the time needed to prepare your horse for the ride and the time it takes to take care of it after the end of the class.

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